A study of John 3:16

Having asked my study group to challenge me in the development of my spiritual gifts, a friend recently posed three question to me about John 3:16. He had been having some conversations with someone concerning this verse and its theological implications.

Here is what I found.

First off...

It brings the entire Gospel into focus. God's unmeasurable love for humanity is the entire reason the Gospel exists in the first place.

John really captures that purpose by starting 3:16 in the original Greek with "So for loved the God the World". The word "so" isn't usually used to start a sentence, but John emphasizes God's love for the world by doing so. He's saying that God loves people so, so, so much, He would send His very own Son to die for each of us.

It's the ultimate love story.

The questions

  1. What is the meaning and purpose of "begotten" in certain translations?
  2. Does "eternal life" or "everlasting life" really mean forever?
  3. Is belief all it takes to have eternal life?

The Shack: A Serious Problem

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This issue falls very close to my heart, since it deeply involves family and close friends. I'm deeply saddened when people I love, including every brother and sister in Christ, get caught up in things that lead them away from Christ, instead of closer.

This issue is very, very serious. The importance and significance cannot be overstated. Please do not downplay it or attribute it to personal style or opinion, because it's not. With that said, I am writing this out of my love for all of you. I want you to know the truth and not be caught up in lies.

I'm going to warn you, though; I'm not going to candy-coat the truth. I'm going to tell it like Jesus told it. Like Paul told it. Like Timothy told it and like John, and James and all the rest told it. These are not my opinions, but truth from the inspired Word of God. I use Scripture as my foundation and everything I say is rooted in the Word of God.

The Shack is a problematic, heresy-ridden work of fiction that spreads fallacy and plants seeds of destruction. The god of The Shack is not the God of the Bible. It is not Yahweh, the Sovereign Creator of the Earth, the Alpha and the Omega. The claims and ideas in The Shack do not agree with Scripture and they cannot agree, no matter how you slice it.

Dangers of false truth

There is a clear and obvious reason why Jesus warned us about false teachers and false Christs. They are dangerous and destructive to the Body of Christ. Falsehood goes against the very nature of Christ and therefore has no place in his body, whatsoever.

Unfortunately, many Christians have succumbed to the pressure of the world to welcome and embrace things that are contrary to the truth. In addition, they seek to rationalize it by giving it the benefit of the doubt or focusing on the "positives" we can get out of it. These Christians are completely deceived.

I think it's appropriate for my first real post to be about truth. Since this topic is so vast, I'm splitting it up into two parts. First, it's important that we define what truth is and why it's important to us individually and as the Body of Christ. Everything that we do and say as Christians hinges on truth. It is the foundation of our faith.

What is truth? How do you define it? What is not truth? Let's dig into the Word of God.

A Place for Truth

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The Holy Spirit has recently lifted a veil from my eyes hiding a rampant plague that has infected the Body of Christ in America. The foundations of the church are quickly being eroded by false teachings, relativism and a dilution of the truth.

This post is intended to outline my purpose, reason, beliefs, intended audience and why you need to read this blog.